Dan Walters has a piece on California’s proposed licensing of interior designers, and I recommend you read it.  Here’s his concluding paragraphs:

Is there any public interest need for such licensing?

If an interior designer botches a job – painting a wall magenta instead of puce or some such – it’s not a matter of life and death, and a dissatisfied customer has recourse in the courts.

AB 2482 is a solution in search of a problem, and typifies the Capitol’s special-interest back-scratching.

I agree with Dan, and I wonder why a state with as many problems and fiscal challenges as California would be looking for new demands on its resources.
It’s also not clear to me that California is using all of its resources effectively, even after years of budget challenges, challenges that persist in good times and bad.
I have a personal example.
Last week, my wife purchased a California fishing license for me.  Either she gave a wrong date for my birth date or a clerk inputted it wrong, by two days.  Whatever.  I was shocked to receive a call from the California Department of Fish and Game over the mistake!  That’s right, they actually called me over the date, and in only days.  Do these guys have anything else to do?
My conclusion?  Clearly, California’s bureaucracy is not as burdened as is claimed.