Current. Relevant. Understandable.

The CERF has established itself as a leading provider of accurate, timely analysis. To the public, it releases quarterly forecasts for the U.S. and California and it provides detailed annual forecasts for Ventura County, California, and for Oregon. Using innovative economic modeling with a robust breadth of data points, the CERF team helps all sectors of business and government stay ahead of the trends that will effect their operations the most.

Customized Projects

Government, business and nonprofit organizations may commission research for a customized report and forecast, based on their specifications for geography, industry sector or other parameters. The CERF team has produced reports for a variety of concerns including banking, workforce, agriculture, real estate and government.

When your organization contracts with CERF, it receives an analysis that is:

  • Available electronically, online and on CD or DVD
  • Presented by a CERF team member to your audience, such as a board of directors, in an easy-to-understand format at the venue of your choice
  • In addition, CERF clients and sponsors receive a quarterly briefing that includes U.S., California and Regional economic analyses.

For more information about how the Center for Economic Research and Forecasting can help your organization, contact:

Matthew Fienup, Executive Director