Sustainable Wealth Plan

This series of essays provides a simple approach to managing the key elements of your financial life – building and protecting your human capital, managing your financial capital, and identifying a stable and sustainable consumption path.

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Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Human Capital

Chapter 3 Spending Rule

Chapter 4 Productive Debt

Chapter 5 Investment Returns

Chapter 6 Risk Management

Chapter 7 Case Studies

Chapter 8 What to do Next?


Sustainable Spending Tool

The purpose of the Sustainable Spending Tool is to estimate the probability of maintaining a specified level of real consumption over your lifetime.

If the probability of failure is too high for comfort, you can adjust various “dials” to find a more sustainable plan. The key “dials” are: Target consumption, Retirement age, or asset allocation (% allocation to equities).

Download the Sustainable Spending Tool