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In late 2008, U.S. banks accelerated consolidation driven by intense Federal government pressure (many failing banks were “saved” by being acquired by a larger bank). This yielded a banking structure where today the largest five U.S. banks control over 44 percent of the nation’s banking assets. The five largest U.S. banks held assets of $6.7… Read more

2015 Ventura County Economic Forecast
November 6, 2015: The Cal Lutheran Center for Economic Research and Forecasting will present its economic forecast for Ventura County, California and the U.S. Speakers will include Dr. Bill Watkins, director of CERF, and Matthew Fienup, economist at CERF.

2015 Quarter 3 California Economic Forecast Web Release
September 25, 2015: The Center for Economic Research and Forecasting will launch a web release of the 2015 Quarter 3 California Economic Forecast.

Tweets from @Bill_Watkins and @MatthewFienup

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“The Cal Lutheran economic team has emerged as one of the state's best grounded and far-seeing prognosticators on California's ever-changing, rollercoaster economy.”
Dan Walters, Sacramento Bee Columnist