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The Cal Lutheran team is one of California's best — which of course often means being willing to share bad news as well as good. Their presentation skills are exceeded only by the accuracy of their forecasting.

– Joel Kotkin, author, speaker and futurist

Speaking Engagements

What Bill is saying...

  • "It is more likely that California will default."
  • "What should a business owner do during a recession? You preserve your very best people and you grab market share."
  • "We expect a very slow recovery, held back by over-leveraged consumers and businesses, but especially by a weak banking system."
  • "There will be another recession some day, and there will be another stimulus, even if it is counterproductive. It doesn't matter which party will be in office."
  • "In many ways we Californians have abdicated our special position as the world's center of opportunity. Instead, we've choked opportunity in a web of bureaucracy, regulation, and taxes."
  • "What the state needs is to start fundamentally thinking about how to generate economic activity, because without economic activity, lawmakers will never get anything under control."

Bill Watkins, executive director of the California Lutheran University Center for Economic Research and Forecasting, is available for speaking engagements.

Watkins is an experienced speaker who has entertained and engaged more than one hundred audiences. He is an informative, relevant speaker on the one topic that interests virtually everyone: The economy. And best of all: He explains economics in plain English.

Bill Watkins is quoted frequently in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Los Angeles Times. He has appeared on Fox Business News and on MSNBC. His op-ed pieces have appeared in the Ventura County Sar, Pacific Coast Business Times and on

He was asked for advice in the spring of 2009 by California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and pilloried by California Treasurer Bill Lockyer in December 2009 when he argued that it's more likely than not that California will default some time in 2010.

You can follow Bill on the CERF blog or on Twitter.

Short Clips of Bill: clip 1 (1:30s); clip 2 (1:11s); clip 3 (1:23s), clip 4 (0:46s), clip 5 (0.41s)

Booking Information

Bill Watkins is a great speaker whether you need a keynote address on the overall economy or an industry-specific speech. He is as alert as a breakfast speaker as he is an after-dinner speaker and can handle all the hours in between.

There are two options with Bill. The first is the standard speech with the timeframe determined by you.

Another idea is to adapt the "20 Questions in 20 Minutes" approach. Bill sits with former newspaper journalist Tim Gallagher who fires 20 questions on the economy at Bill within 20 minutes. The result is a fast-paced, informative and entertaining format guaranteed to keep your audience engaged.

For more information on our speaking fees and how to book Bill Watkins as a speaker, please contact:

Tim Gallagher
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