The Center for Economic Research & Forecasting

The Cal Lutheran economic team has emerged as one of the state's best grounded and far-seeing prognosticators on California's ever-changing, rollercoaster economy.

– Dan Walters, Sacramento Bee Columnist

The CERF Advantage


Only the history books get it right every time, but we try. Macroeconomics is complicated and many economists are servants to a particular model. We think each of these models offers insights. The art of forecasting is determining which model is the correct model for the current situation.

We don't just make predictions, we give the thinking behind our forecasts, and we try not to be overly influenced by the latest data point. We believe that forecast users should look at many forecasts and make their own informed judgements..

Our economic modeling can help you assess the trends that are going to affect your business of agency or region in the coming months. This data can help you prepare for the news, whatever that might be.

Message from CLU President Chris Kimball

"With the addition of the CLU Center for Economic Research and Forecasting we are saying we want to be a service to the business community and to the wider area. The university is called to service. This is a great way to provide that service."

Chris Kimball